Clones! (A Little Cheat) DOESN’T WORK ANYMORE!!!

Out of all things that I have imagined, I would never think that you could have clones on fantage! I mean like seriously, this is awesome! On my blog if you want to see some cheats, search “A Little Cheat”. So anyways, if you want to have clones, just follow the instructions below.

First, go to Sunblock. (Sunblock is at the beach)

Next, Go to the place you want your clone to be. ( Once the process is done, your clone will be behind you )

Then, change your skin tone.

After that, go right into your inventory and change either your hair, shirt, or accessory. It won’t show that you changed something.

Now, exit your inventory and voila! Move your avatar either to the left or right and you should see your clone! 🙂 If you don’t see a clone, try the process again. Its OK, practice does make perfect!

See you all next time! If you want me to do other cheats, just comment them below! cutiecake  ❤  Ha-ha, Kawaii is winking at me!


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