Spooky Story!

It was a dark and spooky night. The trees where whistling in the wind, the cracked sidewalk creaked, and the crows squawked. I was with my bestie who was trick or treating with me and then suddenly, POOF! Finkelstein and Cindelline had kidnapped us both! I was crying as my bestie was hugging me to make me stop crying.

” It’s ok Amy,” comforted my bestie named Greg

” We are stuck in a random cave right now and you think we are ok?” I growled.

Just then EVERYTHING went dark like magic! I bet old Finklestein injected some sleeping potion into us.

When we woke up from our sleep, Cindelline and Finklestein were right in front of our eyes! Finkelstein had ANOTHER potion injector!

“Now as you may know, I am Finkelstein, a man of no good,” Finklestein announced.

” And I am the most powerful woman on Fantage Island!” Cindelline added.

‘Here I have a potion which will turn your bestie into a werewolf! He will lose his memory and I will be his master!” Finklestein said, ” I will keep him for a pet and take over Fantage with Cindelline!

“A PET?” I squealed.

” Yes my dear, and you will be our slave!” Cindelline added.

I had to do something, and I needed my friends to help me. Quick. Quick. REALLY QUICK.

Using my friend chatter, I texted my friends Littleflower and Goldie to come to Finklestein’s place immediately. I also texted them to make pumpkin dog biscuits. Pumpkin always helped Greg get better.

When Littleflower and Goldie came, they unlocked me from my chains and brought the pumpkin biscuits over. We fed Greg the biscuits and he turned back into a Fantagian again!

“Where am I?”, Greg asked.

“Well I’ll tell you this,” I answered, ” you need to escape right away!”

” Your not the boss of me”, Greg murmured.

“Well, do you want to have bad hair for the rest of your life?” I asked. Greg didn’t like to have bad hair AT ALL.

” Fine.” he said.

Littleflower toke some of the sleeping potion and injected it into Cindelline and Finklestein. Goldie carried them all the way to the Fantage police and they got arrested. Everyone was safe. I make sure they didn’t wake up.

And from that day on, I felt like a ghost of Finklestein and Cindelline has always been following me. BOO! Happy Halloween fellow Fantagians! Remember, be safe when trick or treating or bad things can happen to you!


Thoughts? Open Discussion Down Below!

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