Halloween – Attack of the Little Monsters #FVHelper

Halloween Cheats 2014!

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Woohoo! Halloween is around the corner! 😀

Halloween Info

Here’s how it works :

– Everyday, you turn into different creatures : Zombies, Vampires, Mummies or Ghosts.

– You can get candy for your team by smashing the pumpkins.

– When you click on a pumpkin, you get either a star or a candy.

– By the end of the day, the team with the most number of candy gets a prize! Members get two prizes.

The pumpkins look like this :


Click on this button on your screen :


The numbers at the bottom of each bar shows how many candies each team has gotten.


The prizes are just rares… The first item is a tie…?


You can buy items to help increase your chance of getting candies. Psst… The tab trick works on the Super Power Up Set!


I went ahead and bought the whole set. 😀

Where are the pumpkins?

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