Pilgrim Adventure and Brick Set! #FVHelper

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! So, Fantage has a new event! They also released the brick set! 🙂

The Thanksgiving event this year is called “Pilgrim Adventure”. Basicially, you get 3 free feathers which you use to play the game. Premium members get 5 free feathers. Click the play shaped sign to use up one of your feathers. Then, the spinner spins you a number of spaces to go. If you land on the special spaces with prizes such as Cody’s Crazy Combos coupons, stars, or a treasure chest, you play a game.(I wonder what could be in the treasure chest) If you win the game, you get the item. If you lose, you don’t. At least you still stay in the same place if you lose. No going back! If you lose, you can buy a chance with… GOLD! 😦 Also, if you run out of feathers, you can buy more with gold. To start the game, just click on the Pilgrim Adventure icon on the left side of your screen. This is kinda like good previous events except with gold. The structure of the event is like the Prom of 2013.

The brick set is a Lego set of Fantage Fashion show. It is a slap in the back $79.99! Not buying Lego set. If you are a premium member on Fantage, you get a 20%. This Lego set is real and can be used in real life! There have been only 100 sets made so if you want it hurry up! For further details, go to http://moc.bricklink.com/pages/moc/storefront.page?idmocstore=529985


Thoughts? Open Discussion Down Below!

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