I’m Back!

Hey guys! Happy 2015! So I’m back and here are some things I spotted on Fantage!

So there are new rares, yay! So I see everything is all about space, 2015 the year of space!


Yep, the Fantage blog says that if you wear all of the items like in a set in CCC, you will possess some powers! Why, Fantage is turning rares into, into, CCC!

Anyway, NEW BOARDS! Omg, so happy about that. Let us see how they look:

Nice, Fantage has finally released some new boards! Though, the Night MetropolisĀ board looks like a recolor of another board, Fantage had to ruin my happiness. The Night MetropolisĀ board and old fashioned stand are for members, and the cozy rocking chair is for nonmembers, Fantage thank you for giving us a board that isn’t flat!


New boards and hair! I don’t really like any of the nons stuff, only the MP3 player really. The girl in the middle I think looks the most elegant and stylish.

Okay Fantage, I know you want to bribe people to buy ecoins for Lucky Bot every time you do a “Double SS” weekend, but if you do it EVERY weekend, nobody will do it. The only way I play the Lucky Bot is with coupons, I don’t want to spend my precious ecoins on a gamble.

Same with CCC, nobody wants to buy gold with real money.

I was thinking, I could do an “Outfit of This Post” every time I end one. So here I go.

The Outfit of This Post:

Theme: Beach Paradise

Why:I feel that people should relax more often, chillax, like when they are at the beach. And the essenceĀ of summer if you are like me is just, ahhhh. Just amazing. Just amazing.

What Are These Items

Hair- Gorgeous Hair (Daily Spin)

Outfit- Rainbow Dress (Event Gift)

Shoes- Sky Surfer Shoes (CCC)

Board- Beach Paradise Board (Daily Spin)

Hair Accessory- Royal Sea Crown (Hunt Prize)

Body Accessory- Sky Surf Acc. (CCC)

Moodie- Heart Wings (Idfone Shop’s Moodie Stand Machine)


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