When You Call Fantage…

Hey guys! Being me, I tend to do things at the last moment. I had a problem with Fantage and also had some questions for them. I mean, Fantage’s email is SLOW and you might never get a reply from them. Like other websites, Fantage has a phone number for support so players can get help quicker and easier.

So I called Fantage.

I’ve called them before and gotten help 101 but this time it was different.


The robot didn’t help at all, just saying to do things yourself on their billing page and to email them. It was all stuff a newbie would need to know, and why would a newbie call Fantage? Ā ( It was about memberships and blah blah BLAH. )

Do you want to see for yourself? Fantage’s number isĀ (201) 944-6622. Lazy Fantage… -_-

Outfit of This Post:

Theme: Winter

Why: I missed the Holiday event with you guys and I feel SO bad! And also because the blizzard outside makes me feel like a Popsicle in liquid nitrogen. XD

What Are These Items From

Hair- CCC

Top- Le Shop

Bottom- Le Shop

Shoes- CCC

Board- Ā Event Gift

Scarf- Event Prize

Hat- Pet Locked Items

Moodie- Moodie Stand at Idfone Shop


Thoughts? Open Discussion Down Below!

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