Chocolate Factory – Valentine’s 2015

Valentines Day 2015!

I've Moved to a New URL!

Hello everyone! It’s almost Valentine’s day! Sorry for being inactive…
First off, I’m more busy now, and Fantage is not as fun anymore.

Also, remember pinkstardust’s message? “It’s more about money and less about fun.” I agree! Last time, it was not as bad as… now.

Anyway, time to head to the event!
Click images to enlarge.


Sounds interesting. Hm.
Honestly, I don’t think anyone would want to print a Valentine’s card.

Here’s what you’re supposed to do for the event!

Your team (Mint or Strawberry team) has to collect ingredients to make “Strawberry Chocolates” (milkshakes) for Valentine’s.


You can buy one cocoa for 100 Gold, but since it’s so cheap… it’s not exactly worth it, but you can go ahead and waste your money.

Once you have enough to make one, click “Make”.


For the first one you make, you’ll get a medal for Chocolate Factory 2015.


Once your team wins, you…

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