Valentine’s 2015 Event – Part 2

Fantage Valentines Day 2015 Part 2

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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Fantage has added a ‘Part 2’ to Valentine’s 2015 event. I haven’t even gotten a prize yet… 😥


I see, Fantage is trying to promote Q-Blast even though it’s like Bomb It and Playing with Fire. Really pointless. 😐

The limited items though.


Member Set:

Hair: 7,000 Stars
Outfit: 8,000 Stars
Shoes: 3,000 Stars
Accessory: 2,000 Stars
Board: 9,000 Stars

Non-member board:
9,000 Stars

They’ve totally overpriced the items. //face palm
I mean just look at this! They charge SO much money for the non-member board?!


eCoins Currency
Fantage Inc.

They’ve added the Cupcake Chaos game from last year:



You have 60 seconds to serve the customers.


Fantage also added the Chocolate Fountain, like last year.


It was at the Carnival before the Carnival’s location range shrank. The Chocolate Fountain is at the Forest.

That’s all. Boring. *_*


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