Things+A Little Cheat

Hey guys! So sorry I don’t write event posts so often, it’s just that school takes up most of my time. Anyway, things about things, Fantage!

(Everything I am wearing in this picture is from the “Daily Spin”.)

No more daily spin? EVERYTHING good in Fantage is dying. Ugh! Basically, the Daily Spin was a wheel that you would spin with a token. You would get one free token each day and if you wanted to go more than one you could use ecoins to buy another token. Some prizes you could get from the daily spin were stars, ecoins, and items.

The bingo board has shrank! I think it is SO MUCH QUICKER to finish! Fantage says that even though it has shrank, bingo has become more intense than ever, yea right. Now you can get gems, stars, ecoins, Lucky Bot coupons, and Cody’s Crazy Combos coupons. I don’t think that you get items from it anymore, but the top 50 finishers will get a medal. Not so wild about this, I don’t know why.

Gem cheat!

If you don’t have all the sapphire items, this trick is for you.

You will need:

  • Stars
  • Fantage account
  • Common sense
  • Knowledge about Fantage

Okay first you will need to go on a server with none of your fantage buddies.

Next, go to your house and click the party icon, it has a balloon on it.

At my Fantage house

Now, choose any party of your choice, it doesn’t matter. Click “Buddies Only” fro who you would like to invite and buy the party. Buy a pinata that gives out gems(Caterpillar or Clown) and play the pinata by yourself! You don’t have to do anything actually because you are competing against nobody!

Once the pinata is done, you will “win” a gem! Remember, you will need 3 gems to get an item. Continue this pinata process until you have enough gems.

To Activate Your Gems:

Go to the forest. In the forest, there will be a “Wizard’s Domain”. Enter the Wizard’s Domain.

Inside Wizard’s Domain

Click on the “ORB” button or the wizard. Then, the ORB thing will pop up. DO NOT exit out of it.

Now drag those sapphire gems into the slots and click “Activate”. You gems will transform into an item! You can wear it by clicking on the item in your inventory. Enjoy!

Everything I am wearing in this picture is a rare item, from gems!

Outfit of this Post:

  • Theme: Gangster
  • Why: Nobody is perfect,okay? When I think of a gangster, I think of an a individual who doesn’t care and that they can be them-self.

Where Can I Get These Items?

  • Hair: Rare Item
  • Top: Event Item
  • Bottom: Le Shop
  • Shoes: Lucky Bot
  • Sunglasses: Le Shop
  • Earrings: Le Shop
  • Body Accessory: Pet Locked Item
  • Moodie: Grotto
  • Board: Board Shop

That’s all for now,

cutiecake ❤


Thoughts? Open Discussion Down Below!

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