Hi guys! Today I have a bunch of ideas spewing out of my head and I am posting a lot. Anyway, let’s learn facts about Fantage!

Did you know that you can repurchase items from your membership? Yeah, this one is only for nons, yay! Just click on the greyed out item(s) and if it says “Buy this item with ecoins”, you can purchase it with ecoins again! Just make sure you have enough ecoins to re-purchase them. That’s how I got my Secretary Hair back!

If you click on a megaphone message, the announcer’s  IDFone pops up! Cool, right?

Inside the Hall of Fame, there is a Trendsetter Billboard. If you click it, there is a button that says Trendsetter Item List. Press it and you can see all of the trendsetter items! You can even purchase some of them!

When you click on the sun at the beach, it turns into nighttime at the beach!

When you click on the tree at the beach, monkeys come out of no where!


There is a reappearing table in Comet&Co and Mission Center, just recolored. Just wow.

The clocks in Pet Town and Downtown show FST while the one in the Star Cafe shows your Time Zone.

You can move those orb looking balls on the grotto.

You can earn stars in the Creature Arena.

Type in “Thats One Crazy Monkey” in the instant messenger and you should see a monkey! You have to type it exactly like this, Thats One Crazy Monkey.


Thoughts? Open Discussion Down Below!

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