February 2015- New Boards!

New boards are available at Loco Boards! (Located in Uptown)

New Boards 2015 feb. Fantage banner

The banner for the new boards

Lets check them out!

Premium Boards

Palm’s Board

The Palm's Dance board Fantage

The Palm’s board

Cool, I guess. This would look so cool at the dance club at the beach! I would actually wear this; it’s animated, too! It costs 3,500 stars/ecoins or 3,000 gold. Really prices?

Hotel Vibe 

Hotel Vibe Board Fantage

The Hotel Vibe Board

It looks nice! I would wear this casually, not to a prom party. It is actually something I would wear, Fantage actually cares? It costs 2,500 stars or ecoins: but if you would like to buy it with gold the price is 2,000 gold. It is animated as well.

Non-Member Board

Sunset Board

Sunset board Fantage

The Sunset Board

Flat? Not enjoying the flatness but it looks nice if you style it up a bit by wearing something nice. I like it and would wear it! It costs 2,000 stars/ecoins, or 1,600 gold. Not animated of course, 😦 .

All for now,

cutiecake ❤


Thoughts? Open Discussion Down Below!

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