St. Patrick’s Day 2015- Part 1

Hey guys! With St. Patty’s day just around the corner, a new event has popped up on Fantage. Before I start, I want to point somethings out:

I recently changed my eyes to these purple ones using the Eye Trick I showed you guys on my last post.

Fantage’s spring has FINALLY sprung! Look at Downtown!


Okay, let us get started!

Limited Items

St. Patricks Day Fantage 2015 Limited Items

These are for members, can you believe it? The hair is just plain sad in my opinion, I love the top; it would go GREAT with a short green skirt, and the board is… okay. Not the best I’ve seen Fantage do. By the way, the hat is NOT part of the hair, sigh. These items are pretty pricey, not worth it in my opinion. You could buy items like these at Loco Boards, Le Shop, and Stellar Salon that look alike the Limited Items but are much less pricey and can be bought with ecoins.


St. Patricks Day Fantage 2015 Parade

These parades again! Fun. Located in Downtown, you click on the sign above on Fantage to join the parade.(Located near the Star Cafe) The theme is green I guess, so you have to try to wear as much green as possible. Sometimes you can win small amounts of stars, you have to register quick to get in the parade!

Fantage Farm- Clovers

Lucky Clover Fantage Farm 2015

There are two limited plants you can grow in your farm during this event, the Clover and the Lucky Clover. The Clover costs 50 stars to grow and gives you 75 stars when its done growing and you pick it while the Lucky Clover costs 50 stars to grow and gives you 100 stars when you pick it. The Lucky Clover takes 30 more minutes to grow, be patient!

cutiecake ❤


Thoughts? Open Discussion Down Below!

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