St. Patrick’s Day 2015- Part 2

Parts of part 2 are slowly appearing! Let’s check them out!

Limited Items♣

St. Patricks Day 2015 Part 2 Limited Items

The hair is SO CUTE! Individually, the items might look cute depending on how you style them, the earrings are not worth it guys. I bet all of those people with the “good stuff” might wear the outfit with glowies, cool cat or frisky hair, and small shoes. You have to be a member to buy the this stuff, 😦


This girl read my mind…

Arrest Leprechaun♣

Arrest Lephercan

Go to the forest to play this game. Click this sign:

Arrest Lephercan sign

This is how your screen should look now:

Arrest Lephercan Page

Click play! This game is basically “Mouse Out” is St. Patty’s day version. You have to trap the Leprechaun with those blocks that you click to pop up.I personally am terrible at this game. I tried like a billion times to win just for you guys. If you win, this happens:


You win a prize of stars or one of those items. I didn’t get one get, grr. PM get double chance of getting those items. I don’t know what they are for.

But when you lose…



A funny picture of what happened to me..

Raining Clovers♣

Raining Clovers ih

A new game Fantage? Good job! Let’s check it out!


Raining Clovers is located in the forest, near Arrest Leprechan. Click on the sign to play!


You will be assigned a team, you don’t get to choose. Basicailly, you have to click on as many clovers as possible. The winning team will win… STARS. I wish we could win gold! HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE???

Raining Clovers


But of course, losing.

I sot

All for now,

cutiecake ❤


Thoughts? Open Discussion Down Below!

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