Fantage account babysitter

I am applying! Helping cloud82 would be an awesome job!

Fantage Spy

Hey guys! I’m starting a new thing called Fantage account babysitter. Here’s how it goes!

Don’t you hate it when you logged in 6 days, but then on the seventh day, you can’t play fantage for some reason? And your all like. NOOOO!!! I could have gotten 500 Ecoins! Well thanks to Fantage account babysitter, there is a chance you will get 500 ecoins!

Here’s how it really goes. I will be hiring people to be account babysitters! I need 2-5 people for this job. And I need HONEST people.

I’m starting a business… When people email me, saying that they need a babysitter, I will email one of my employees that they need to do the job! You will need to do whatever the owner of the account tells you to do!

Here’s what the owner of their account could tell you to do.

-log in everyday for me

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