Easter 2015

It’s out! The event is out! Let’s check it out!



Finding Da Eggs

Basically, you will need to find eggs for the Easter bunny. Eggs look like this:


Here’s where you will find them. (I saved you like a million minutes.)

Mission Clue- Mission Center


Lily the Blue Fairy-Grotto

Lotus in a Pond- Near Creature Arena

Seagull in Sunglasses- Lighthouse

Clean Fantage Sign- School

The Coconut Tree- Beach

Chalkboard and an Apple- School Room ABC

School Bell- Inside School First Floor

Lots of trees- Forest near Arrest Leprechaun Sign

Saxophone- Music Room in School

Cubes and Laser- Q- Blast

Crystal Ball- Orion’s rare items

Shark- Beach

Pumpkin- Costume Shop

Michelle owns this place- Le Shop

Waiter- Chez Fantage (Cruise Ship Restaurant)

Present Shape Building- Outside MyMall

Hook and Book- Fantage School Gym

Telescope- Lighthouse Top Floor

Moodies- Idfone Shop

British Officer- Castle

Poison- Lighthouse Basement

Piano and Bed- Furniture Shop

DJ- Beach Dance Club

Swan Boat- Grotto

Water Slide- Cruise Ship

Puzzles- Arcade

Wooden Building- Snowboarding Lodge Cabin Thingy

Underground Tunnel- Downtown Mission Center Tunnel

O&X- School Gym

Cosmic Crest- Grotto

Fantage Legends- Hall of Fame 3rd Floor

Jamie- Clubhouse

Carrots and Watermelon- School Cafeteria

Two Seagulls- Lighthouse Top Floor

Coldest Place in Fantage- Mt. Fantage

Luxurious Car FC500- Furniture Shop

Campfire- Mt Fantage

Shampoo- Stellar Salon

Golden Figures- Hall of Fame-

A Heart on the Floor- Le Shop

Soda Machine- Cafeteria of School

Ferris Wheel – Carnival

Fantage Standard Time – Downtown

Coffee – Star Cafe

Drums – Fantage School Music Room

Chalkboard and an Apple – Fantage School Room ABC

Lipstick and Eye Shadows – Stella Salon\

Mannequin – PM Boutique

Mouse – Castle

Realtor –  Castle (Inside)

Bushes with Flowers – Near Top Models

Take Out – Star Cafe

Newest Building in Fantage – Clubhouse

Pixie and Soapie Stan – Q-Blast

Hats – Le Shop

Roulette- Lucky Bob’s

Wooden Floor- Fantage School Gym

Brick Set- Top Models

Sunbed- Island

Calculator – School Room 123

Aloha! – Resort

Swimsuits – High Tide

Animal Footprints – Pet Academy

Warm and Relaxing – Spa

Shell Motivated Building – Spa

Colors and Themes – Top Models Inc.

Reporters – Comet & Co.

I couldn’t find all of them! Sorry, but if there is a clue that you answered not on this list, PLEASE comment it down below.

When you find an egg, this happens:


Prizes Include:




If you decide to use my clues for your blog/cheat/trick site, please credit me, this took me like 60 minutes to find all of these clues only. Thanks goldie114 for helping me!


My buddy goldie114. (I know her in real life!)

If you need help with clues that are not above, comment them down below. I’ll try to solve your mystery clue. 😉

Limited Items

Easter Limited Items

You can buy them at Uptown buy clicking on the cart.

Easter Limited Items Pic

I love the boards so much that I bought the pink one for 5,000 stars using the tab trick. I am in love with it! Everything else is okay, the outfit shows your stomach which I am not fond of. The hair is too short and the bunny ears need long hair to go with them. The earring would only show if you wear basic, basic, clothes.


Gold Package

Outfit- 8,000 gold

Earrings- 700 gold

Harp- 2,100 gold

Board- 2,500 gold

Member Package

Outfit- 8,000 gold; 16,000 stars

Earring- 700 gold; 1,400 stars

Harp- 2,100 gold; 4,200 stars

Limited Cart 2

Easter Limited Items Pic 2 Limited Items Easter 2


Gold Package

Easter bunny head : 2000 gold

Dark crown : 800 gold

Pink rose whirlwind : 1000 gold

Black dress with gloves : 3500 gold

Fancy black heels  : 1000 gold

Member Package

Two tone hair : 3000 gold or6000 stars

Yellow bunny ears : 1100 gold or2200 stars

Green Easter dress : 3300 gold or 6600 stars

Board- 2,500 gold or 5,000 stars

Finding Eggs (Farm)

Now, Maurice needs our help.


If we plant a new limited plant for our Fantage farms, we have a chance of collecting eggs. Not around Fantage, but from our farm. It’s weird how you can grow eggs on a plant.

Easter 2015 egg hunt

Members can buy a costume which gives them a 50% more chance of collecting an egg. I wish non-members could buy it with ecoins.


4,000 stars

2,000 gold


When you collect one of these eggs, you get a medal! The more eggs you get, the more your medal levels up! It takes an hour for the plant to grow.

Egg Flower

The Egg Flower

This is actually pretty cool, don’t you think?

Decorating Eggs

Yay! We can now play a new mini game for the event, “Decorating Eggs”. Let’s see me fail this…

Decorating Eggs

You can find the game in Pet Town. Click “Yes” to play!

How to Play Decortuibg Eggs

Up above are the instructions. Click to enlarge.


Here is sort of what your screen should look, just with a plain egg instead.

~You will need to make a certain egg.

~Click the done button when you are finished with your egg.

~Click the Undo button to erase your mistakes.



dfxv ca

And when you win…

!5 stars


Easter Moodies 2015

(Click to enlarge)

New moodies for Easter! Hooray!

You can buy the moodies at the IDFone store in Uptown. Buy them by clicking on the Moodie cart thingy. (Thingy, lol.) This is how it looks. (Below)

Moodie Machine

They cost 200 stars or ecoins. Some of them I think are animated. The chick one is so cute!

Other Stuff


I met tiaryn! She is SO nice!


And look at this! Hooray me! (Don’t be jelly)


What’s this forest place on the map?

All for now,

cutiecake ❤


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