Limited Items: TAB TRICK

Tab Trick for Those dreamers out there. Enjoy! ~cutiecake

Nebulous Days


Do you see people talking about the tab trick? A trick that allows you to buy gold limited items with stars. Do you want to know what the tab trick is? WELL HERE I AM EXPLAINING IT. (very badly)

Yup, you can use the tab trick on [some of] these items. Yes, you so need stars to purchase these items that are sold in gold.

To do the tab trick you must first:

1. Click to buy a limited item that is sold in stars.

2. Keep on pressing tab until you see the yellow rectangle around the “BUY” of the item you want.

3. Click enter.

4. The item sold in gold will show that it can also be bought in stars.

5. Click buy with stars.

6. You got the item with stars! Yay.





I would show how it says “congrations this item has been added to your…

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