Well, bye for now.

All of the blogs…

I've Moved to a New URL!

I’d just like to say Happy Easter to all of you.

You might have guessed already what I’m going to say. This blog has been inactive for almost 2 months. I’ve been missing blogging ever since I haven’t been on for a while. It’s almost been 2 months? Really? I haven’t been posting at all.

Note to other blogs I might be working on, I also will not be posting there, but I am NOT leaving them.

And I’m not leaving for now forever, just a quick note here.
I will still reply to your comments but for now, I’m leaving. I will NOT permanently leave, because this blog is by me, and I’m not giving up on it now.

From now on, you will definitely hear from me more on my DeviantArt. (My username is xBerrySilver) I keep all my stuff there, though I haven’t updated my Art Page.

Easter Event…

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