♥Prom 2015 & Graduation

Prom and Graduation! Lets check it out! Info: Prom 2015 Event InfoPNG

Voting for Royalty:

Prom Royalty 2015 You can vote for our prom royalty! The Fantgians’ choice! Just click “Vote” and vote for the NPC you want to win. I voted tor Victoria because I miss the Vintage Shop (Classics) and the Trade N’ Sell. She also looks gorgeous! I hope that if Victoria wins, we will get Vintage Classics back! 🙂 Yea, in my dreams. Every time you vote, you get stars! Prom Rolalty Prize When you vote, you get stars. Oops Prom 2015 This is what happens when you don’t wait 15 minutes. Don’t be a sneak like cutie was.

Limited Items

Prom 2015 Event Costume and Grad You can buy these items by clicking on the carts in Uptown. Sadly, the tab trick doesn’t work for any of the carts. I tried like a million times and it doesn’t work. Sorry my dreamers who just found the trick out. 😦

Prom Items

Girls: Prom 2015 LI I love everything! Especially the gold package on the right! The dress is fab! Guys: Prom 2015 LI Guys

Graduation Items


Grad 2015 items

Guys: Grad 2015 items Guys Girls have more items than guys which make it easier for guys to become trendsetters. Not fair. Then again, more items for us!

Limo Rides:

Limo Rides Prom 2015 Limo Click on the limo to ride on it! Inside the limo. I mean there is pretty much nothing to do in the limo like a game but talk, really. But lets make the most out of the limo because Fantage is nice enough to give us one. Right? When you exit the limo by pressing on that door, you end up at the castle.

Dance at the Castle

There is a dance at the castle where you usually buy new houses. Pretty fun, right?

DJ Is Sick!

DJ Is Sick 2015 PRom

Apparently, DJ is sick! And people on Fantage will be randomly chosen to become the DJ. All you do is become big that I know of.

All for now,


~More Coming Soon~


Thoughts? Open Discussion Down Below!

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