The Fantage Reality Check TAG

Hey guys! This is a tag to teach our fellow Fantagians. your screen may be one thing, but its your true self that’s true. This is me doing this tag. Made by Me.

The Look Alike 1

Outside Look 

That is me looking ish sorta? I wear glasses sometimes and I usually wear my hair in a ponytail or a braid. I usually wear skirts with pants underneath them with an oversized shirt.And I would wear my white sneakers as well.

The Look Alike 2

The Party Look

I like to wear my hair fancy in an up do with some matching fancy shoes.  It is pretty fashionable and looks great in pictures so I don’t remember myself as a slob. Jk. And I like wearing fancy bracelets as well.

The Look Alike 3

The School Look

That’s me at school, with some sneakers, jeans, a tee-shirt and a jacket. Not so fashionable, but pretty comfy and is presentable. I like to wear hairbands and headbands so my hair is out of my face, I always wear earrings, and I do a lot of work at school with my amazing teacher and classmates.

The Look Alike 4

The PJ Look

I don’t wear shoes at home, i wear skirts and comfy tank tops for my PJs. And I sometimes wear headbands because I feel like it bro.

The Look Alike 5

The Home Look

My hair must be out of my face, I might wear socks, I wear shorts and baggy T-Shirts, and my hoop earrings. Pretty comfy and versatile, which is perfect for relaxing.

If you were wondering, I am wearing the cloud board because:

A- I like to dream and think.

B- I like to reach the sky and try my best.

C- In my opinion, it looks amazing with everything!

In this tag, you will do:

  1. An Outside Look
  2. A Party Look
  3. A School Look
  4. A PJ Look
  5. A Home Look

The board must represent your personality. You don’t have to change your skin or eyes, it doesn’t have to look EXACTLY like you. The hair color doesn’t even have to be your hair color! Just make sure your look matches your personality, style, and it matches the theme. Make it look like reality! This tag should spread the word, Fantage isn’t reality!


I tag Bambi, Evelyn, and Cloud82.

cutiecake ❤



Thoughts? Open Discussion Down Below!

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