Fantage Problems?

Hey guys! So I know a lot of Fantagians complain about Fantage, even including me. Well, Fantage is a company with works, right? And workers have to deal with complaints from us, right?

Fantage Automated Voice Call

If you read one of my earlier posts about how Fantage gives automated voice calls, you would know that Fantage Support doesn’t like to answer our calls. Well, they have gotten A LOT of prank calls, and the support still dealt with it. Additionaly, A LOT of Fantagians have asked the support about basic facts that are answered in their automated voice call and in their Frequently Asked Questions.

Link to A Fantage Prank Call

Fantage isn’t a super big company like Club Penguin, so they don’t really need phone calls. Trust me, getting phone calls all day to your house isn’t fun. And just imagine the support dealing with their conditions.

Fantage Work Conditions

I found this website called Glassdoor which has REAL Fantage employees’ reviews and they aren’t pretty.

Fantage Jobs Reviews

Click to enlarge.

For more reviews, just click on this link.

No More Animating?

Fantage 2015

As Fantage_cheerio posts in one of their Finstagram (Fantage Instagram) posts, Fantage doesn’t animate their items. Fantage doesn’t really animate their items anymore because they don’t have anyone hired to do it! They need someone to animate items.

Fantage Jobs Jobscore 2015 April

Click to enlarge.

Fantage needs someone to animate and make items for their website.

Is it really worth it to complain to Fantage about how it has gone downhill? I mean, the support can’t really do anything about it guys; its the management that needs to step up their game for their players and employees.


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One thought on “Fantage Problems?

  1. I sent Fantage a email on ways to boost up their game. Here’s the whole email.

    Here’s some tips to make Fantage better.
    1. Remove PM boutique, and replace it with a Fantage Custom shop, where Fantagians can make outfits and either sell them for stars, ecoins, gold, or free. This way they wont have to wait for Fantagian Inspired Items 🙂
    2. More animations. Whenever a Fantagian goes close to a chair make a animation where they can sit down on it. Make items animated again, we miss them ;-;
    3. Use less gold for items. Make event items ecoined, and 1 package of items for gold. This way nons can get more good stuff 🙂

    These suggestions were by me and my friends, thank you for reading.
    -lilyrosebud87 madiha11sbff and chloe__ryu__xD.

    Fantage’s reply:
    Thank you for your suggestion, our design department will take this into consideration.

    Checking to see if they made ADS about the suggestions :O

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