Two Different Hairs

Hey guys! So A LOT of Fantagians don’t know the difference between 2 hairs that I would like to clear up.

Movie Star Hair Lovely Prom Hair

Movie Star Hair ( also known as MSH) and the Lovely Prom Hair

What’s The Difference?

The Movie Star Hair was a hair that could only be owned buy using Fantage Game Cards or through Fantagians selling and trading it. It was released in April 2012.

However, the Lovely Prom Hair was available to purchase on Fantage during the Prom of 2012 in May.

So for all of those people who have been told that the Lovely Prom Hair was what the Fantagians called the Movie Star Hair, this is the difference between the two.

Which One Do I Prefer?

I actually prefer the Lovely Prom Hair! I think that MSH is too fancy. The Lovely Prom Hair in my opinion can go with any outfit.

Lets Wrap This Up

Me wearing MSH Me wearing lovely prom hair

This is me wearing MSH and the Lovely Prom Hair.

cutiecake ❤



Thoughts? Open Discussion Down Below!

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