♥Fantage- Mother’s Day 2015!♥

Hey guys! There is a new event on Fantage. Let’s check it out!

If you do not have a mom for any unfortunate reason, its okay. A mom can be a woman who cares about you, its the thought that counts. It could be a step-mom, aunt, or a grandmother.You are not alone.

Event Info

mothers day 2015 event info Fantage

Limited Items

Mothers day 205 cart LI

Click on the cart in Downtown to purchase them!

Mothers Day 2015 Fantage LI Gurls


Mothers Day 2015 Fantage LI Guys


Really Fantage? Black and red together look like you are goth. I mean, although the top does say the word “Mom” on it, it is not really what you’d expect. The baby looks so cute! If you do not want to buy the baby limited items, I’d recommended buying the baby costume from Jesters and the carriage board from the Board Shop. The prices are okay.


Mother’s Day Card

mothers day 2015 Fantage card actual

You can make a Mother’s Day card on Fantage. I would prefer a hand made card for Mother’s Day rather than a card made on the computer. But if you are willing to make a card, then just go for it! I am not stopping you AT ALL. Click on the arrows to decorate the different sides of the card.

Coupon Book

mothers day 2015 fantage card

You can also print out a coupon book for your Mom. I have done this is the past years, but my parents always seem to throw them away. You’d do a favor for your mom without coupon, wouldn’t you?

Free Gift

Free Girf 2015 mothers day

Another item in my inventory! Yay! It really doesn’t show, but its okay! Thanks Maddy for telling me about it! 🙂

All for now,

cutiecake ❤


cutiecake pic 2


6 thoughts on “♥Fantage- Mother’s Day 2015!♥

  1. dont wanna spoil it but um lol the gift is a mothers day mail–you can find out i think if you can go to the photo booth and put in may 2015 body items you’ll see a mother’s day mail. 🙂


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