How to enter the oasis! (fantage cheat)

The oasis, is not gone for good!

Fantage Fairy Queen

Fantage used to have a place called Oasis on its map which was later removed. But uou can still visit it! Here is the cheat to how to go to the Oasis-

1.Click on the map icon-map

2.Click on carnival-carnival3. Click on Card Quest-

card quest4.Click deck builder-

deck builder

5.Click play card quest-

card quest play

6.After loading, check the background behind. Isn’t it different? 😉 Now click exit-

oasisVoila! Now you are in the oasis!at the oasisIt’s quite empty right now. Back in those days they had a bazaar, the card quest and more here!

To the right their is also an airplane, but i will state its use later!

~stay tuned~

Any errors, feedback or suggestions? Mention it in the comments!

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