Dragon Board, Anyone?

Hey guys! I have an account that has the supposedly much wanted Dragon Board on Fantage.

dragon board

This is how it looks.

On this account, I also have a 7 day MyMall permission. So if anyone wants to buy this board for around 3,500 gold to 6,000 gold, I can sell it to you! Even better, it’s coined!

Bid how much you want this board for in the comments.

Bidding will end in 48 hours.


cutiecake ❤

P.S.- If you think I hacked someone, that is abouslety not true. This is my younger cousin’s account and they want to earn gold so badly and I would like to help him. If you want, he could meet up with you on Fantage!♥


4 thoughts on “Dragon Board, Anyone?

  1. I have a community(common sharing) blog account with the Dragon board. (Account is on my blog page-free accounts or something like that) just wanted to say, is this Dragon board very valuable??
    BTW I want the account please!!


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