100 Followers Giveaway/Contest

Totally joining!

Seasons Memories

For my 100 followers I will be hosting a Contest and a Giveaway! XD You can enter in both or just one of your choice (you just have to comment on which one).

*Note that you can NOT win at both*

To enter you must do the following:

Reblog & Like

That’s it! XD

For Non WordPress users just comment you’re joining.

First is the Contest where you must either give me a Edit, Drawing, Recolour, or Writing Piece, about the theme of summer. It MUST have the theme of summer and can be ANYTHING (but must be appropriate). Email your entries at moonshinezodiac@gmail.com . I will decide the top three winners and they will receive 3 of these following prizes:

10 Likes on Posts or Pages

A Header

A recolour/edit

A Follow on ALL of your blogs (if I’m not already following)

Private meet and greet on Fantage


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Thoughts? Open Discussion Down Below!

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