Important Message from Fairycari


Fairy Life

Hey guys

Sooooo, I decided to quit fantage 😦

Fantage just hasn’t been very interesting lately, and all I’ve really done was log on, get the daily attendance thing, go to mymall for like 10 seconds, then log off.
I haven’t even spent a full 5 minutes on continuously for the past few weeks.
(Also, I found this game called Shadowbound, which is an online fighting RPG, and have gotten really addicted to it… 😛 )

So, about this blog, I might change the name of it so something more broad, so I can post about things other than fantage.
The other staff on the blog will still post about random stuff (including fantage) as well

And now, about my fantage account 😀
I currently have 16,325, that I probably will not be using, so I will be giving a small portion away
IDFone 2


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