2 Year Anniversary! Meet and Greet

Hey y’all! I just realized something, I’ve been playing Fantage for 2 years now! I joined on May 17, 2013 and today is May 17, 2015! See?

2 year anniversary

I am so happy that I will be hosting a Meet N’ Greet today!

  • Time: 4:30 P.M. FST
  • Where: Star Cafe
  • Server: Scarlet Starfish
  • User: cutiecake4321

People Who Are Coming:


Comment if your fantage username if you are coming!

Say something like “Fantage birds” and I’ll add you!

Hope to see you all there!


P.S.- If you want to tell me things that do not show on Fantage, I will be on the xat chat http://xat.com/We_Monsters .

cutiecake pic 2


19 thoughts on “2 Year Anniversary! Meet and Greet

      1. Disregard when I said it seems like the time passed, I thought you meant France Summer Time. (Don’t mind me!) TheSuperAnna01 will come! Unless I completely forget about it.


  1. aw man!!! 😭 I always wanted to see u (tbh I caught a glance of you in a bit crowded server) but right now I’m stuck in my phone waiting for my mom to get her new car ono and I can’t go on fantage mobile, so I’ll have to get stuck at this smelling of leather place and cri cause I can’t go on fantage to meet you!!!! (lol I’m so dramatic) can you go on tomorrow at like 5-7 pm FST? ❤️mangos7418 (btw, it’s ok if you can’t go on cause I need to study for this kind of ‘finals’ at school sooooooo yeah….)


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