Meet and Greet Is Over!

Thank you all for attending my first Meet and Greet! It was amazing and I think we should do it again sometime soon!

Thank you for attending:




The Two Pictures I Could Take XD:

meet n great todayhuoilef


It was actually a decent thing to do on Fantage! I really enjoyed the event and hope to do another Meet And Greet sometime soon! I am so sorry that you could not attend the whole Meet N’ Greet Anna.

cutiecake signature yay finally


16 thoughts on “Meet and Greet Is Over!

  1. The reason why I wasn’t there the whole time was because you guys just said to go to the photo booth without saying which specific one, so I didn’t know where else to go to. XP I actually took more screencaps of the event if you’d like to have them! And is it okay if I posted them on FantageRop later on? I plan on making one huge random post of stuff.


      1. Alright, thank you! I don’t recall reading anything about “BFF.” All I remember was that everyone went to the photo booth. Perhaps it didn’t show on my side? I don’t know. Fantage is strange like that.


  2. Hey I have a friend who’s having a birthday party next week on Sunday, May 24th. I’m trying to find people to crash/go to his party with. (Dressing up goofy/funny etc.) If you think you could come (and possibly bring your friends too) reply to this comment and I’ll send you the server and time when the day comes. Thanks 😀


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