New Raffle! (It was for my 12th bday but I got lazy)


Hai guys. Owlet here. I didn’t post a lot since the … I’m Back post so today I decided to make the raffle! Anyways, the raffle is that you get 5,000 gold and you recieve the follwoing items:

Peace Out Tee

MP3 player

Flowing Blonde Hair

Anyways, to join the raffle you must, :

Like 1 post of each author

Like 5 posts that I made

Follow the blog

Reblog this post

Like 5 pages (I’m making 1 more page)

Follow 2 blogs that I follow

Ok …

I know this is a lot to do but…

It’s ME!

Btw , my new phrase is Awkwardness Out~  so…

Awkwardness out~

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