Kyla987’s House

Hey guys! Guess what? I went to Kyla987’s house! Kyla, if you didn’t know is a famous Fantagian and has a high level of course. So you want to see the pictures? Don’t you? Okay, then I will show you them.

Oh and her barn. Hehehe.


8 thoughts on “Kyla987’s House

    1. First of all, don’t judge people by how famous they are. I have actually met her before, and she is a complete jerk. In my opinion anyway. And second of all, if you expect us to give you a refund, try not to be so rude. This is Skiess, who did not even touch your account, offering you a Karma Koin. Talk to Beion if you want to be rude. Check my recent post.


      1. Sorry, its been 2 days. Don’t you expect me to be mad? And you told my friend Sally she was lieing. I was nice to you in my emails until it became kinda rediculous that it has been 2 days. Just give me my refund, please and I’ll trust you again and will take down the part about your site. Does that seem fair?

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      2. im sorry guys but i mean i spent more than six thousand gold for my limits and u called me a liar , i got quite mad then i apologized after the hacker thing but i didnt get any refund 😦

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