Fantage Summer Camp 2015!

A new event! Let’s check it out! I am so sorry this post is one day late everyone. :/

Summer Camp at a Glance

The summer camp can be found at the very end of the forest.

summer camp forest 2015 fantage mapwelcome to summer camp fantage sign

Event Info:

summer camp 2015 event info

Not much to do now but oh well.

Limited Items:

limited item cart summer camp 2015 fantage

summer camp 2015 fantage lm fantage summer camp lm g

I really want the Panda Slippers but they are too expensive for me to buy; I won’t have enough money for the giveaway.


Girls Cabin:

Boys Cabin:

Which cabin do you think looks the best?

Pillow Fighter!

pillow fighter summer camp 2015 fantage game

A new game! I haven’t seen any version of this on Fantage so I am actually pretty impressed! Click your mouse to make your pillow go in another direction. I just go clicking like crazy to make sure nothing punches my pillow! XD

pillow fighter prize stars fantage

You get stars as a prize.

Overall View:

Not much to do yet; I might get membership because of the deal and my birthday money! Not like my birthday is soon because it is not, but I get an early party! Less about me, more about the event. We’ll have to wait for more things to come out soon.

cutiecake signature yay finally


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