Fish Fish Booty Event!-Fantage!

Yay! Let’s check it out!

Limited Items:

LI Summer camp 2 fantage 2k15

LI FISH FISH G 2k15 summer camp

I really wanted the panda slippers but it’s too late. Anybody willing to sell them for the minimum at MyMall? I do not really like the new items. They look, eh. Except for the top and hair for the pirate set. The skirt for the Snorkel Set looks a bit too high. Not in my liking. The parrot looks like a Cody’s Crazy Combo’s item.

Event Info

fish fish booty info

Fish Fish Booty:

fish fisha tresure glow

So you have to collect at least 1 key and 1 chest to get your prize. You have to catch those lobsters in Fish-Fish (which I think look like crabs, tee-hee-hee) Oh and I almost forgot, single-player only. You can buy keys with gold. If you aren’t sure you got a chest/key, you just have to see if your chest icon (o.O) is glowing. Treasure chest.

The Prizes:

When you unlock a chest, Fantage says you can get CCC coupons, Lucky Bot coupons, 1000 gold, stickers,camp mallows(Marshmallows)  and gems. I bought a key to see what the prizes are really like.

I got 10 stars. 😦 I WASTED 200 GOLD ON 10 STARS!!! I did that for you guys.

ll Starts crying ll 😦

Overall View:

It’s okay. Not the best. Not the worst.


cutiecake signature yay finally


11 thoughts on “Fish Fish Booty Event!-Fantage!

  1. After tons of hard work trying to get the key and the chest I only got 10 stars. They could have at least provided a thousand or something. :I


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