You Guys Know How I’m Broke?+Shout-outs!

Yeah, the reason why I cannot host the raffle? 😦

I am broke, a very broke empty rotten potato.

I got a 1 day MyMall permission!

If ANYONE wants anything from the “Buy From Me” page, I’ll give you it for minimum, and if I earn enough gold, I might make the giveaway have 2 winners each receiving 450 gold, or there will be one winner with 950 gold!

Please guys?


Piya17 from

You are so kind and sweet! You have originality in your Fantage style, not following stupid trends about CC Hair, glowies, and all of those pixels!

Mangos7418 from

Mangos, you’ve been one of my top supporters in the journey of Fantage blogging! Tysm! Honestly, you have such a beautiful heart through thick and thin!

Sally_337 from

You have a character as sweet as honey! Your blog isn’t just another Fantage blog, it’s amazing! You believe in what you believe in, at its core.

AnnaArso from

You give advice when I need it, you care, and you are a spectacular friend! You are honest, and you treat others with respect; we can have a normal conversation like in real life which is pretty cool! ❤

cutiecake signature yay finally

P.S.- I gave these shout-outs because I thought they deserved them very well; not because they begged me for them.


14 thoughts on “You Guys Know How I’m Broke?+Shout-outs!

  1. awwwwww tysm ❤ u u very sweet ❤ ❤ and ur blog is AMAZING ! 😀
    as for the gold unfortunately im broke too 😦


  2. Awww! That’s sooooooo sweet of you!!! I love you and your blog because both of them are amazingly fantabulous!!! I am checking out your buy from me page ASAP! Though I don’t think I would be that helpful because I have 500 gold only and I want to save it but still. But actually I don’t follow those stupid trends because I don’t have those items!! But even if I had them, I don’t think I would wear them just to prove I am an experienced player. I like to mix and match items and wear new things! Anyways thanks for the shoutout and sweet description!

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  3. cutiecake, u should create a shoutout page so that shoutouts can stay there permenantly and people can have a look at the shoutous whilst this is a blog post and you’ll make some later posts which means ppl have to actually scroll down to find the shoutouts


  4. Bit late (mainly because I’m occupied with school.) But thank you so much! I think you’re just, or more amazing as well Cutiecake! One day I hope we can be more than just friends on fantage/wordpress, but close enough that we trust each other to add in social media. (Example: Facebook.)


      1. In response to your other reply: Eh, I’m pretty content with being wordpress buddies, it’s not really necessary to add each other on social media and things like that. It’s just that it’s easier to communicate, in my personal opinion. And people have been telling me that I’m posting more than Rop nowadays! I like how no one comments about Selena though, her most recent post was in April! We might as well change the blog name to “FantageAnna,” am I right? 😉 He’s probably getting tired of Fantage and doesn’t have as much motivation as he did before, which is why he began to look for a new author awhile back. I won the contest, and now I’m the one posting often!


        1. Fantage Anna! Maybe you should start you’re own Fantage blog! Eh, I don’t even see her active at all. Social media is nice, but dangerous so my dad won’t allow me to have any personal social media. I just think that Rop should quit Fantage blogging and you should run the blog. Are you just an author, Anna? I think you should be an admin! ☺


          1. I’m not a fan of running two fantage themed blogs, since I’m actually not into Fantage that much. I like to treat FantageRop as my own blog to be honest, since as you’ve mentioned, Rop barely posts. And yes, I am just an author! (I wish I was an editor, because Rop makes genuine grammar mistakes, while he edits my posts even if they don’t even have anything wrong with them.) Social media is pretty dangerous, but there are options that you can make it so people can.. Stalk you less. Just wait until you’re old enough, that’s the best way to go about it.


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