I Am Not A Whun

I am not a whun

Thank you!

In reality, we all know that Fantage is not appropriate for kids.

But this girl is strong!

What Fantage Boils Down To:

  • Money $$$
  • Whuns 😦
  • Innapropriate clothing and actions
  • Bullies
  • Racism
  • Popularity
  • Having a High Level
  • Doing unkind gestures and actions to newbies, I mean new players.
  • Kjs Parties
  • Leabs at my plc! :/
  • People who try to stop these bad actions but they never reach the other side, only halfway if we’re lucky.

I am not a whun.

I am cooking Gilbert the Trout. (From Fantage Spy, hi Cloud! 🙂 )

I can be whoever I want to be, nobody tells me what to do.

If you have a whun, that’s your choice.

Whuns aren’t necessarily bad, but be careful in how you treat that.

This is what happens at some new players.

New Player- ll Walks up to some girl with a Diva level and has her whun who is wearing beta items ll Hello!

Diva- Hi?

New Player- Can we be buddies?

Diva- Um no.

New Player- Why not?

Whun- Because you sjujcjk! xD

Diva- Go awjay! Eww!

New Player- ll Starts crying ll You are mean. I will report you!

Diva & Whun- Haha! Go away bj dog!

New Player- ll Goes away crying ll

To all those boys and girls out there.

Be different from those people cause that makes you awesome!

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16 thoughts on “I Am Not A Whun

  1. If you’re young enough to be playing Fantage, you shouldn’t need a boyfriend in the first place. In fact, online dating is dangerous. You never know what they truly look like outside of the computer screen. (Well, I guess you can if you voice chat and stuff, but how are you going to do that in Fantage? You won’t.) And I completely agree with what you’ve said about what Fantage is now! However, in 2010 I remember being in a party, and tons of members said things like, “people who aren’t members are losers lol.” No matter what, Fantage was always about what you have mentioned there.


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