Giveaway winner!

I won! ll cries tears of happiness ll Thanks meme for changing it to several days. How could you not tell me piya that I won?!? Eh its okay.

Fantage Memepony9

I think the title explains because we have hit 40 followers! I will keep this post simple with the winner listed : giveaway list

As seen in the picture the winner is cutiecake4321.

Cutie, please comment a server and we can meet up at mymall.

Sell any item that you don’t need for 30,000 gold.

Edit: You will have several days to claim this prize, but please comment between 8 am fst (Fantage standard time) through 11 pm fst. Thanks…

Thanks to everyone who participated! ~Meme

Ps. Even if you weren’t the winner comment below If you would like me to do more giveaways…

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