Adventures in Wonderland 2015 part 2

I’m too lazy…


I feel bad for not posting about part 1, even though I reblogged.

I’m here with part 2!
The part 2 limited items are really cute!
adventurelimitedOn the left, the hair is so cute and the top! On the right, the hats are cute, everything else are okay.


White Hair With Bunny Ears- 2,000 gold

Captains Uniform- 1,500 gold

PocketWatch Glasses- 500 gold

Jean Skirt- 1,500 gold

Melting Time Piece- 1,000 gold

Classy Blue Shoes- 1,000 gold

Alice’s Bunny Hole- 3,000 gold


Spiky Hair- 1,500 gold 3,000 gold

Purple and Yellow Jester- 1,500 gold 3,000 stars

Mad Hatter’s Hat- 2,000 gold 4,000 stars

Red Skirt- 1,500 gold 3,000 gold

Pointy Purple Shoes- 1,000 gold 2,000 stars

I guess they got rid of ecoins.:(

Anyways, fantage says this part is called Test Your Memory.


Once you enter, it will look like this:


Click the cat and it will come to…

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