100,000 Gold Giveaway???

Hint- Green is mean. Blue is true! Highlighters are so smart……..


Because you guys gave this blog over 5,000 views, over 50 followers, and a whole lot of likes!

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cutiecake signature yay finally

Haha! Did you guys actually fall for that?

I am not having an 100,000 gold giveaway simply because I do not have that much gold.

However, I am having a giveaway for 1,000 gold or the Body Accessory on Fantage, Golden Wings which I bought for only 500 gold. (I searched in MyMall and no one else sold it for that cheap, I got super lucky!) Anyways, it may earn value in maybe 1 year because the only way to get it is through MyMall or if you bought gold during the Summer Special Sale with real money.


124 thoughts on “100,000 Gold Giveaway???

  1. oh dang u little girl xD I got it now :V and everybody didnt even realise LOL!!!!! except me and nuttie and meme LOL!! BAHAHAHAHAHAA such a troller xD


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