The hacker got into my account and spent all my gold!

They didn’t touch the items at all, but they spent 19,000 gold! Like what the heck?

Anyways, Carly gave me some gold and I’d like to thank her so much!

You guys should REALLY follow her blog, I believe which is Fantage Unicorn?

That hacker though is getting on my nerves….

Oh and I have deciced NOT to quit because of all those corny but meaningful comments.

Haha, they weren’t corny at all. Hehe, I am such a troll.

Anyways, yeah!


41 thoughts on “Omg…

  1. Just wondering, do you have any clues to who the hacker is? Have you ever given your password? Do you have any idea to why someone would do something like that to you? I’m so, so terribly sorry that this is happening to you, I would give you some gold as well if I had any.

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      1. You don’t have to share them if you don’t want to. I can check if your name is on the list if you’d like, shouldn’t you change your password if someone is hacking you, then?

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          1. Sounds like somebody needs a life. Seriously though, what’s the actual point of hacking fantage accounts..? At least be productive if you’re going to hack.

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      1. Why be scared? Just post a pic of your idfone now and I will give you 19,000 gold. (I want a pic to prove you were actually hacked, please don’t take it personal)


        1. Well, that’s a lot of gold Meme. Maybe a little too much??? I just don’t want people to start bending their backs for me. I’ll show you guys the picture of just my gold balance because I don’t want a hacker after me again.


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