Auction Stuff

Winners, please comment your Fantage username so that we can schedule a time to receive your items.

For Santa Dress:

Santa Dress

Sally_337 for 800 gold You got a good deal because most people sell, it for 4000 :0

For JW Hair

jw hair

Pinku904 for 3,000 gold

Others items I’ll be selling:

Long Violet Braids

Long Violet Braids for 3,000 gold (Coined)

Golden Honey Wings

Golden Honey Wings for 1,000-1,500 gold

Blue Gown

Blue Gown for 1,000 gold (starred)

Polar Bear Hat

Polar Bear Hat for 2,000 gold (Coined)

Sweet Blue Dress

Sweet Blue Dress for 500 gold

Black Pebbles Dress

Black Pebbles Dress for 500-600 gold (Coined)

cleopatra shoes

Cleopatra Sandals for 500 gold (Coined)

no picture

MP3 Player for 500 gold (Coined)

Winners, congrats and for anyone who wants to bid on these items or would like to buy them, tell me in the comments! You can also bid higher than the winning auctioneers.


27 thoughts on “Auction Stuff

  1. Wow you’re selling the mp3 player for too cheap. I already have it tho….
    BTW please please please can you give me the JW hair? I will give more than Pinku, 2100 please!


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