I’m asking a tiny favor…

Please sign up to Gifthulk!

Yes, something to earn membership with.

It’s just that Stuffpoints is taking me WAY too long.

And I really want to buy some gold…

So I’d like to ask you guys a tiny favor.

Can you guys sign up for Gifthulk with the code SS955836


When 17 people join Gifthulk and enter that code as their invite code, there will be a raffle for 5,000 gold. Please do this favor for me, I beg you.

Or make multiple accounts using that invite code? Hehe that’s sneaky

When 17 accounts use that invite code, I’ll host the raffle.

BUT, if 34 people use that invite code, there will be 2 winners each winning 5,000 gold.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 4.23.23 PM x 5,000

That’s a total of giving out 10,000 gold.

Every 17 accounts using that invite code, there will be a raffle.

Oh and you get 250 free Hulk coins when you sign up with that invite code.

I might even host a raffle for a free membership!

Re-blog and make those accounts please!

Sorry if I sound like a begger.

That’s it, and I hope you do as so!

cutiecake signature yay finally


73 thoughts on “I’m asking a tiny favor…



  1. im sorry again. WHY DOES THIS ONLY HAPPEN TO ME??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Im Just So Sorry


  2. one more thing: i really dont think u should buy gold (i didnt )
    or membership the purchase might be delayed due to the attack and u might get nothing
    just saying


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