I’m Thinking Of Quitting Again

Blogging feels like a chore now.

And I do not want to always re-blog.

I rather do nothing rather than doing an okay job.

Honestly a worker would be SO nice.

If you want to apply, you must be able to post 2 times a week and not spam. I want good quality posts on this blog.

Comment if you want to work here!

I might pay workers in gold when I earn some more because I GOT HACKED AGAIN!



cutiecake signature yay finally


14 thoughts on “I’m Thinking Of Quitting Again

  1. I can work here for free, I don’t need any payment for blogging :). I do it for the enjoyment. I’m the owner of RandomLifeBliss and I post on it frequently ^–^.

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    1. I’ll hire you for sure, Bliss! I love your posts and I think you’d be a wonderful worker here! Just make sure you stay on the topic of Fantage…I’ll email you some rules. I’ll add you tomorrow if I’m not too lazy. XD


      1. Sure
        And umm idk
        You can post about anything I guess
        I can’t. Check my email currently so yeah
        I’m coming home in one day, so I’ll check all my emails when I get home c:


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