Membership Discount!

So some of my lovely friends were curious about the topic of getting membership for a discount. I have decided to do a tutorial on this topic that no other blogger that I have know has covered. Please credit me for this idea because I found this out by myself.

join now

First, you’ll need to make a new account.


Complete some annoying quest(s) for new players that Fantage gives you, like the Le Shop quest.


Now this advertisement for Fantage membership for a discount will pop up! Click on become a premium member!


When the other tab opens up to the Fantage purchase page, click on the shopping cart button on that banner. Now click check out. You have gotten a discounted price for membership!

log in

Log into the account which you’d like to become a member. It may take you multiple attempts to log in.

i agree contunie

Select your payment type and click the I Agree, Continue button. Some ways you can pay for membership include mailing money to Fantage with a check or cash,  Karma Koin game cards, and credit cards!


Now enjoy the membership you have got for a cheaper price! I hoped this post was interesting and helpful!

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8 thoughts on “Membership Discount!

  1. I knew you would get a discount if you made a new account, but I didn’t know you could just use any account, as long as you click that link! Thank you very much!


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