The Meaning of Fantagian Life


Hello, welcome to a show where we the most beautiful people in the universe tell you people about “The Meaning of Fantagian Life”.

Case #1- Le Gold

First of all let’s talk about the most important currency of Fantage in the current decade, oops I meant the last 2 years.


Listen, if you got that much gold you can live and make fortune if you are wise. BUT don’t go searching up items in MyMall for that ugly fee of 20 gold if you are not the rich people spending their precious money on membership when they could be giving it to le’ poor.

gold balance

But if you got that much or less, get a job.

WAIT…The only way to get gold is buying it with precious mula or getting a MyMall permission in the Daily Attendance. And if you keep on wasting them, you are burnt toast child.

Case #2- Ghhjramjjer Much?

We have all seen Fantagians like this:

omg why


Us poor Fantagians (Well most of us aren’t that poor) cannot use nice spelling and perfect spelling. The filter is supposed to help younger people to not learn stuff like what Allie said.

Case #3- Weird Anomalies

Fantage is filled with so many things that make NO sense whatsoever.

beach chair

Who’s towel is that?


Why is there a blue cosmic bear giving out stuff? Are they devices to control Fantagians so that the superhero alien cosmic bears can take over Fantage?

Fantage Comet

Why is there a turtle rainbow neon looking planet satellite over there? Is that where the superhero alien cosmic bears live and are observing Fantage?


Weird pets are even more mysterious. They don’t need a leach for then to stay with their owner. And horses aren’t born from eggs. That Cody guy also has his own pets which may be his children and they might be spying on us so that their dad can take over Fantage!


What’s the point of a guard if they are sleeping on the job? That guard is literally sleeping on the job, come on.


Wait, who even lives in the castle? There isn’t any royalty on Fantage so…


Nobody is supervising that fire. And it isn’t even physically possible for a fire to survive for 8 years in a chilly, snowy atmosphere.

soccer ball

Who’s soccer ball is that?


Is there any need for a windmill on Fantage?


It’s amazing how Fantagians can have fresh, homegrown produce in less than 2 minutes!

wigs 2wigs

Fantagians don’t have hair, they have wigs. And they don’t have private parts…

*Looks at Gabriel_Tan*


More weird stuff includes…

misson center



Um, so I can only use it from 12:00 P.M. Fantage Standard Time to 11:59 P.M. Fantage Standard Time? Come on, you just had to abbreviate Premium Member. Helpful, much?

sophia fantage

You’ve helped like 1 million Fantagians. So don’t tell me your my personal stylist, hun.

And that’s all for today, people who are beautiful but not as beautiful as us.


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