• Heyoo! •

 I haven’t made this post in a while, I was added yesterday. But I’m the new author on this blog! I will make as much Fantage posts as possible, and I’ll try to post at least twice a week. Here is some stuff about me:

– I only play Fantage for blogging
– I love all pastel colors
– I work on RandomLifeBliss, my main blog
– I love you all ! ~<3

 Oh and I have a pet guinea pig named Lilac. We call her Sausage though, she’s so fat ^–^.

 I hope you guys will enjoy my posts! If not, I’ll post anyway for my enjoyment. Hehe.



3 thoughts on “• Heyoo! •

    1. 😀 Thanks for following. I love guinea pigs too! They’re adorable, but honestly they’re so hard to take care of! You need to change the cage at least once a week Dx

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