• Main Account Giveaway! •

**UPDATE** Please specify your WordPress name when you send me an account! Thank you. (I’m uploading the inventory to YouTube as I’m writing this post.)

As I promised in yesterday’s post, I will be giving away my main Fantage account! Before I show any of the items it has to offer you, I want to list some rules and how to get in.

1. Do not ban the account, ever. (If I find out that you shared the password with anyone or banned it, I will change the password.
2. Don’t delete any buddies. You can add them, just don’t delete any.
3. Have fun!

Yes, you can transfer the items from my account to your main one. I won’t be stopping you.

Now, for the main part of the giveaway- how to get in. This giveaway will be ending July 25th, 2015. This will be 100% randomized, I will even take a screenshot for proof. Now, to get more entries, you have to earn them. Here’s how.

– Comment, “I’m Joining!”: 1 Entry
– If you commented on the last post: 1 Entry.
– Donate an account to palina17may@yahoo.com: 2 entries, or 1. I will decide. You will get 5 entries if it’s a really rare one.
– Make a header (email it to me @ palina17may@yahoo.com) or make an advertisement for this blog and put it on your sidebar (must be clickable!) until the deadline: 2 entries.
– Make an edit or a recolor and email it to the email ^: 1 entry, or depending how good it is.
– Re-blog: 1 entry.
– Like this post: 1 entry.

You can give me more ideas on entries if you want!

Now for the best part- the actual inventory and IDFone! (I won’t be showing furniture or homes, you can see that when you get the account.)




-Notice: I will be making a video on the inventory. I don’t have time to take a bunch of screenshots!-

– Bliss


132 thoughts on “• Main Account Giveaway! •

  1. can u plzzz give mahj a pm account that has bb cc frisky? plzzzzzzzzzz here’s an account!

    monica448 if u want her pass e-mail meh at:IReallyLoveCookies@gmail.com

    and ill pick the winner she got bb cc frisky and more and her lvl is 2331!
    and her staff 2000 and if rlly want it and i did not pick u im sooo srry!

    dont forget the Email is:IReallyLoveCookies@gmail.com! enjoy! cya yo!


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