Giving Away My Main Account?!

 As you know, I’m giving away my main Fantage account! I don’t use it anymore, so I decided you guys can have it! I’m gonna post more information tomorrow, along with an inventory and IDFone tour! For now, just comment if you want the giveaway to happen. It will be 100% randomized, I will even take a screenshot for proof.

 I will still be posting Fantage-related posts, on my side account. She has more gold and PM, so it’s easier for me to do event posts. Thank ya’ll for reading! ❤

 – Bliss


24 thoughts on “Giving Away My Main Account?!

    1. Nope, Fantage isn’t for me anymore, I only do it for blogging. It’s not that good anyway, but it’s important to me so this is big


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