• Ombre Fantage Hair Tutorial! •

 Disclaimer: Kayci ♥ on YouTube made a tutorial on this. I will leave the link at the end, or you can click this paragraph to watch the video. I just decided to do it in a written form because some people complain in the comments that she was going too fast. So, here you go.

Hello! Today, I’ll be showing you how to make boring, shaded Fantage hair into a beautiful ombre hair! You will need some experience with editing, otherwise this will be quite difficult. But, even if you’re a beginner, I’m sure you’ll catch on and do this easily later on. So, here we go!

 Difficulty – ★★★★★ – Advanced

 You will need:

  • Some experience/knowledge on how to edit
  • MS Paint
  • Paint.net < Downloadable
  • Fantage hair (make sure it’s not transparent)

 Let’s get started!

 Step 1. Get any Fantage hair you want. I would recommend that you use a hair without any accessories on it, if you’re a beginner. Choose something simple that doesn’t have too much on it. I will be using Frisky hair.
Step 2. Open up MS Paint and paste the hair of your choice.
(click on the image to zoom in, if needed.)

Step 3. Recolor the hair black/dark gray. You will be able to change the color later on, we’ll get to that soon. (I won’t be telling you how to recolor in this tutorial, that’s a whole different thing. Comment if you want a tutorial!)
So far so good! Here’s the Before and the After.


Step 4. Open up paint.net and paste the black-recolor of the original hair. Zoom in until you can see a bit better.
 We will be using the ‘Colors’, ‘Layers’, and ‘Tools’ tabs. The ‘History’ isn’t really necessary but I like keeping it handy to see where I made the error.

Step 5. Click on the Color Picker tool and click the medium-black color. Just find a color that’s 2 shades lighter than the darkest black.
^ Color Picker.
^ Color you chose.

 Step 6. Select the Secondary color and pick a color that you want the hair to be.

 Step 7. Pick the Recolor tool. Then, turn on the ‘Sampling’ so it’ll be easier to recolor. Put the Hardness to 0% and the Tolerance to 100%. Make the ‘Brush Width’ about 30-40 (doesn’t matter, just don’t do anything below or it’ll be too small and the recolor will take forever.) Right-click and drag the brush over the hair, and it should turn the color the Secondary color was set to.
^ Recolor Tool
Where the arrow is pointing to, turn that on. It should be surrounded by a blue box like in the picture. Then, just copy everything in the red boxes. I made the re-coloring into a GIF so it’ll be easier to understand. (Make sure you’re RIGHT-CLICKING and DRAGGING while re-coloring!)

 Step 8. Okay, we’re done with the recoloring. “But Bliss, what about the actual ombre?” Okay, this is where it gets difficult. So follow my steps, children! Select the ‘Wand’ tool (make sure the Tolerance is at least 50%! Don’t do 100 or anything above 60). Then, click on the outside of the hair (the white part). Press Ctrl+I on your keyboard and copy it. Paste it onto a new layer!
^ Wand Tool.
 It should look like that after doing Ctrl + I. Now copy it.
^ You can either click that (which should be at the top) or, do Ctrl + C

Now paste it onto a new layer.
Now paste it on the new layer! You can either do Ctrl + V, or click this:
^ It should be on top, next to the Copy button. When pasted onto Layer 2, it should appear here.

Step 9. Click the gradient tool. Switch back to the Secondary color and pick a color that you want it to ombre to. For example, if my Primary (first color) was Blue, and I made the Secondary color pink, it would go from blue to pink in an ombre. Sorry if this is confusing, I’ll explain it in pictures! After you changed your Secondary color, drag the gradient tool from the bottom to the middle of the hair. You’ll see what I’m talking about.
^ Gradient Tool.
We can keep it like that, but that wouldn’t look very pixelated.. it wouldn’t suit the character. So what you wanna do is this:

 Step 10. Click the ‘Properties’ in the ‘Layers’ tab. Make sure you’re on Layer 2 while doing this! A menu should pop up. Change the ‘Mode’ to ‘Darken’ and mess around with the Opacity until you get your desired look. If ‘Darken’ doesn’t look good for you, you can also do ‘Glow’.
 And here’s the alternate way (or the Glow way) I use this one more. All you have to do is change the Mode to Glow and play around with the opacity.

Step 11. Now for the last step! Flatten the two layers and save it!

Phew, we’re finally done! Sorry for the long post, I just don’t post much on this blog and I decided to make up for it. Comment if you want more tutorials like this, and post your pictures on your blog so I can see them! 😀 I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If you’re confused about something, please comment and I’ll do my best to explain it.

Here’s the finished result:

 Again, credits go to Kayci ♥ on YouTube. For a more sped-up version and a less detailed one, click this paragraph!

– Bliss


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    1. I promise it’s completely safe, but if you cant download it then maybe there’s anothor tutorial somewhere else! Good luck 💞


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