I found Fantage’s first blog; from beta testing!

I love reading it SOOOOO much!

cutiecake signature yay finally


11 thoughts on “Amazing!

  1. Oh look, updates to where it didn’t seem like all Fantage only cared about is you spending your precious gold that can only be obtained by buying it in the first place! But seriously though, it appears that in the first years they tried to add new stuff to it. Now all they add is items, since most events are reused and unoriginal.


    1. Sadly… This is what it has become. People became rich in the trade N sell, so now they have to make a new currency which can only be earned very hard for, or you have to buy it. Or else fantage would go bankrupt. I mean, people have over 100,00 ecoins and 27 MILLION stars.


      1. They’d still make tons of money from membership and advertisements though. I don’t think they’d go bankrupt at all, especially since in order to get eCoins in the first place in the past you’d have to purchase it, or make a new account to get only 500 eCoins.


          1. How do we know about them losing their employees? With all of these people obsessed with spending hundreds of gold to be on the top ranks to purchase gold exclusive limited items with, they probably have enough money to survive with. Do you have proof about their employee issue?


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