Fantage Water Park- Now Released!

fantage water park

Woot woot!

Event Info:

fantage water park info

This is kinda like the Funhouse Frenzy event! Though there are a LOT of glitches occurring. I even glitched so that I was invisible and people couldn’t see me. However, I could see everybody!

Limited Items:

2015 water park li

:Hair: 1,500 gold OR 3,000 stars
Shirt: 2,000 gold OR 4,000 stars (Not really a shirt)
Pants: 2,000 gold OR 4,000 stars (More like short shorts :/ )
Glasses: 800 gold OR 1,600 stars
Tube: 800 gold  OR 1,600 stars
Board: 2,000 stars OR 4,000 gold

These items are so amazingly done! I bought the shorts and they look perfect! However, some of the captions are strange.

weird So these are food shoes?

weirder Okay this one isn’t weird BUT THERE ARE NO UVA RAYS ON FANTAGE. Isn’t that why we have to get a pixelated artificial tan at Sun Block?


I needed to go to Sun Block for this…

Moving on…

“Cool” Features!

In this event, you can interact with some water jets, waves, and stuff that you would see at a water park!


Waves at the beach


A slide at the Cruise

water canons

Water canons at the beach and Cruise


Water “gizers” at the beach

Outfit Idea!

idea for outfit

This is my outfit for the beach! You can buy your bating suits at the High Tide shop at the island, collect seashells and make the seashell item prizes, and go to the board shop for a nifty board! If you want a nice board for this event, just ask me. I’ll be selling things when I get a MyMall permission. 🙂

Tricks Up My Sleeve:

  • If you log onto the Spanish server, you’ll be able to get the sun moodie for half price than the English server!

Nah, I’m too lazy to show you the other one. 😛

Overall View:

Overall, I think this event is much better than the previous event and there isn’t much to do now. However, I can’t judge it so much because only so much had happened.

cutiecake signature yay finally


5 thoughts on “Fantage Water Park- Now Released!

  1. hi cutiecake! im sonowflakekitty4! 😀 I hope you remember me and i love the outfit! ;D were did you get the hair? :your friend snowflakekitty4 xoxox!:

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