Selling Lots

When I get a permission, I will sell all this stuff:

Cleopatra sandals coined for 500 gold

Bubblegum coined for 9,500 gold

Long and elegant hair for 1,000 gold

Lovely Prom Hair coined for 10,000 gold

Galactic dress for 500 gold

Party Popper for 5,000 gold

She Wolf Dress for 2,500 gold

Festive Gown starred for the minimum

Fancy Black Dress starred for 3,900 gold

Nightshade Unicorn Board for the minimum

When I get a kiosk, I’m selling ALL of that. Reserve your items!!!

I’m trading with Cloud with my msh for a lot of coined good stuff. If I reach up to 20,000 gold I’ll have a great big giveaway!

cutiecake signature yay finally

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